Benefits of a PTO generator NZ

The benefits of a tractor PTO generator

Tractor PTO generators NZ

Additional portable power can be an essential asset in commercial and farming applications. From disaster relief to providing power for tools and projects no matter the terrain a PTO generator is an invaluable tool for operators in remote locations. That’s why having a PTO generator on your farm or property can be extremely advantageous, especially across New Zealand’s rural land. But what exactly is PTO, what does a PTO generator do, and why is it so beneficial?

From farms, industrial sites, ports, forestry operations, market gardens to lifestyle blocks, and more, the option for portable, reliable, and effortless electrical power generation ensures seamless operation in times of need and everyday work. In this article, we look at the multitude of benefits a PTO generator can bring to a wide array of uses.

PTO explained

Power take-off (PTO) is a method of extracting power from an engine source and transferring it to another application. It’s very common across farms in particular since the power generated from running an engine (particularly a tractor) can be used for this process. The power generated from a running engine can be transferred into a wider array of applications than whatever the engine is designed to run. This includes attached implements or another machine. This is incredibly convenient in places where a secondary power source isn’t available, such as in the center of a large farm or tricky to access grounds. When using the power from a tractor, a PTO generator will convert this energy into electricity, and with minimal loss. Of course, electricity powers the world of today and is essential for a multitude of tasks. This is why having a PTO generator is crucial, especially in places where the general power supply isn’t always accessible or reliable.

There are numerous situations where a portable generator is the perfect tool, from powering farming implements to typical electrical appliances and more. A PTO generator will ensure you have access to power every time you need it, so long as there’s available fuel for your tractor. Since they work from direct attachment to your tractor, you’re able to transform your (likely) most utilised and reliable engine into a mobile power plant that delivers electricity all across your farm. This offers a safeguard for those who simply cannot operate or afford to lose power in the case of an outage. It’s also a lot more portable than a traditional diesel generator, a fact we explore further into this article.

With so many benefits, we thought we’d share with you a few reasons why we know a PTO generator is well worth your while. Read them below!

Benefits of a PTO generator

PTO Generator

Make use of an engine you already own

A PTO generator is a power generation tool that doesn’t require you to maintain another diesel engine. Your tractor provides the motive power to run it. Since you most likely have a tractor already, there’s no need to unnecessarily purchase and maintain an additional engine. You already have everything needed to run a PTO generator! Reduced maintenance costs, downtime, and improved reliability are all benefits that come from using your tractor as the main driver for the electrical power source across your property.

It’s a reliable and portable energy source - use it anywhere!

Being able to provide power anywhere on your land is highly beneficial. Attaching a PTO generator to your tractor means that you have a mobile power plant - you can move anywhere that your tractor can go across your property for any repair work, construction, or any job that requires power where it isn’t readily available. Say goodbye to lugging a generator across your land as the PTO generator attaches directly to your vehicle.

Temporary backup power

A PTO generator can be a temporary backup for key farming and commercial operations in the event of an emergency. From a downed power line to a natural disaster a PTO generator sits ready to tackle the unexpected. If your power supply fails, you can supply electricity to your home when you really need it. In the event of a complete power outage, a PTO generator offers a temporary power solution. Your private residence will no longer have to light candles and wait around for the power supply to be restored, but rather you can get on with what you need to do. So long as you’re able to run your tractor, you can remain unaffected. 

A power outage not only affects your farm production but also your family home. You can safeguard your home and mitigate these issues in an easy and affordable way with a PTO generator. Avoid costly spoiled produce or lost productivity by having emergency power readily available.

Affordable running and maintenance

A PTO generator is often the preferred power solution because when you purchase another engine, it requires maintenance, gas, oil, repairs, and more. When you remove the need for another engine, things get much simpler. There are fewer potential failure points and significantly less maintenance required with a PTO generator. For this reason, if you haven’t used your PTO generator after a long period of time, it has a higher chance of still functioning effortlessly. So long as your tractor is running as normal, your generator will follow suit. At the end of the day, knowing that your equipment will operate when you need it is paramount and a generator can provide you the reassurance you need. A PTO generator has lower fuel costs in comparison to another engine, especially since it’s powered through farm-grade diesel via your tractor. Therefore, overall operational costs are low.

A PTO generator is often the most viable, versatile, and functional option for your farming needs. The assurance of always having a power source means that you can invariably get jobs done, all while keeping things running throughout your home should there be a power cut. The efficiency and versatility of PTO generators is simply unmatched making them an essential tool in farms and commercial operations across New Zealand.

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