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Wood splitters

For larger tractors, the AgriQuip three-point linkage mounted wood splitters put hydraulic power into use with unrivalled force. These splitters feature a simple, easy-to-use control valve with a convenient detent to return the ram quickly - ready for the next operation.

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Hydrasplitter TPL

The Hydrasplitter TPL features simple, easy-to-use control valves with convenient detent to return the ram quickly. It's always ready to make an ease out of your next operation. 

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Tractor linkage

Can be mounted to tractor linkage for convenient splitting.

Adjustable height

To suit any operator within the range of the tractor linkage arms.

Large square platform

Giving room for several pieces of wood or large wood pieces without dropping them to the ground.

Hydrasplitter TPL Specifications

Hydrasplitter TPL
Dimensions (mm)
Hydrasplitter TPL 1700 L x 880 W x 540 H
Stroke Time In*
Hydrasplitter TPL 3 Seconds
Stroke Time Out*
Hydrasplitter TPL 3 Seconds
Ram Size
Hydrasplitter TPL 80 mm
Hydrasplitter TPL 120 kg
Max Log Diameter
Hydrasplitter TPL 400 mm
Hydrasplitter TPL Approx 3m 3 per hour

* Time may vary depending on flow of tractor hydraulics

unrivaled force

Hydrasplitter VTL

The VTL can be used from a position sitting on the ground, to a point anywhere in the range of the tractor's draft arm lift range, to suit any operator.

Simple control valve

The control valve is easy to use, with convenient detent feature for auto cylinder retract, allowing hands-free to shift wood, etc.

Large & heavy plate table

The large-sized, heavy plate table means that wood after being split doesn't fall off easily.

Proven design

The rugged construction means many years of trouble-free use in commercial operations. A proven design of over 10 years in the market.

Hydrasplitter VTL Specifications

Hydrasplitter VTL
Dimensions (mm)
Hydrasplitter VTL 1650 H x 1200 W x 900 D
Hydrasplitter VTL 220 kg approx
Table Area
Hydrasplitter VTL 1200 W x 700 D
Hydraulic Cylinder Bore
Hydrasplitter VTL 80 mm
Hydraulic Cylinder Stroke
Hydrasplitter VTL 400 mm
Axe Head Support Rollers
Hydrasplitter VTL 3
Splitting Force
Hydrasplitter VTL Approx 23 Tonnes
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