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major products

Trust Major to get the job done!

Major mowers are recognised for durability, easy operability, and low running costs. Their mission is to help agricultural workers and businesses be as efficient as possible. 

This is why owners and operators around the world trust in Major to get the job done.

Making every field better for our valued customers

When you're looking for strength and stamina in your machinery, look no further than our extensive range of mowers renowned around the world for quality, reliability, and value.

The Major difference

Major mowers are a product of their agricultural roots by standing for durability, strength, and precision.

Strong & Reliable

Major engineers reliable and easy-to-operate tractor-powered equipment with the strength and stamina for agricultural, grounds maintenance, and industrial settings.

Low Running Costs

Major products are renowned for easy operability and low running costs. Some Major mowers guarantee a minimum of 25% savings on power consumption and fuel costs.

Innovative & Efficient

Major is an award-winning manufacturer of innovative designs that combine the best features in modern machinery for efficiency and productivity in every field.

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