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Compact, high performance vacuum

Tornado Vacuum System

Tornado vacuum systems are able to clear wide areas, such as parks, gardens, large warehouses and sports grounds, of grass, leaves and other light waste material (such as plastic bottles).

The Tornado vacuum systems have many great features, making them a compact, high-quality, high performance vacuum.


  • • GX390 - Tornado vacuum system with tail-board connection, 13 HP Honda engine
  • • GX630 - Tornado vacuum system with tail-board connection, 21 HP Honda engine
  • • Tornado PTO - Tornado vacuum with power take-off (PTO) connection, tractor driven, minimum 13 HP

The machines are simple, sturdy, reliable, easy to handle and versatile - the ideal machine for professional users. These vacuum systems would prove a great option for the maintenance of gardens, streets, recreational parks, large warehouses and surrounding grounds and many other areas.

The vacuums are equipped with a suction pipe (200 mm diameter, 6 m length), which is light, wear resistant and allows for a comfortable handling. The suction is created by a fan (390 mm diameter) powered by a petrol engine or by PTO for the tractor version.

The Tornado has been designed to be hooked onto the sideboards of trucks or pickups and to discharge the sucked material directly into the loading platform via its rotary ejection pipe, with an adjustable length of throw. 


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Model GX390 (13 HP)   GX630 (21 HP) Tornado PTO
  Petrol Petrol Tractor
Engine Honda GX390 13 HP
kW 9,6 - Pull Start
Honda GX630 21 HP
kW 15,5 - Electric Start 
Min. 13 HP 9,6 kW 
Transmission Centrifugal clutch + 2 belts      Centrifugal clutch + 2 belts     Gearbox + 2 belts         
Suction Pipe Diameter          200 mm 200 mm 200 mm
Suction Pipe Length 6 m 6 m 6 m
Fan Diameter 390 mm 390 mm 390 mm
Ejection Blades 4 8 8
Length 1598 mm 1280 mm 938 mm
Width 638 mm 734 mm 756 mm
Height 1132 mm 1132 mm 1626 mm
Weight 153 kg 195 kg 225 kg


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