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An agricultural or industrial-grade sweeper can make light work out of a tough cleaning job. Although, this statement only holds true if you select the right sweeper for the task at hand. Sweepers come in various sizes and strengths which is why it’s important to do your research before making any sweeper-related purchases.

The first question to ask yourself is: ‘what am I going to be cleaning with this sweeper?’. Understanding what you wish to achieve is a great place to start. Do you need to remove rubbish from a car park? Are you trying to remove dirt and debris wedged in between a brick footpath? Will you be using it on dry ground or damp grass and mud? Or do you just require general maintenance of your house and farm property? 

Knowing what you’ll be using your sweeper for, as well as how you’ll be powering it, will largely impact the type of sweeper that’s ideal for your job. Every sweeper functions slightly differently to yield the best results for its given application.


How do rotary broom sweepers work?

Hydraulic rotary broom sweeper

AgriQuip’s range of Tuchel sweepers are mainly hydraulically driven with some utilising PTO. This means they have ample power and energy to clean your grounds efficiently. The sweeper’s strong and durable bristles collect the dirt, dust, and debris from the ground so that a clean path is left behind. Although, size does matter when it comes to sweepers so for a vast farm section a bigger, more industrial sweeper is required to pick up the heavier and more dense debris.


Benefits of using a sweeper


Using a sweeper comes with many benefits

An agricultural or industrial grade sweeper can substantially reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning, thus increasing your efficiency compared to manual sweeping. It improves cleanliness, site safety, and can reduce operational expenditure. A sweeper makes it easy to clean a large surface in a single pass. It is also more effective at collecting dust and debris than a hand sweeper, without causing the dust to go airborne creating a health hazard. The increased precision means little-to-no dirt will be left behind. 

They have a wide array of benefits across different industries. In the case of the dairy farming industry, a sweeper is hugely beneficial. It keeps the races and feed pads clean which aids in the well-fare of the animals by preventing foot trouble among other things.

Another benefit of using a sweeper is that it can lower your long-term costs. Sweepers are far more durable and long-lasting for commercial use than traditional sweeping, so you won’t need to replace it anywhere near as frequently. Sweepers also allow for a multiple-person job to be transformed into a solo task, saving you in labour costs. While a sweeper may be more expensive up-front, it will significantly save you in time-related costs in the future. 

We have an outstanding range of sweepers and there really is something for every application - from the multi-purpose Farm Clean, the small ride-on attached SIMPLEX sweepers, and the ECO forklift sweepers for medium applications, through to the PLUS range ideal for big farm jobs. Below we discuss each sweeper, its benefits, and its optimal applications.


AgriQuip’s Sweeper range


Multipurpose FARMCLEAN 320mm diameter broom


The FARMCLEAN is the sweeper of choice for the maintenance of your house and farm. It’s self-propelled and multifunctional. These features, in addition to its big field tyres, ensure the FARMCLEAN’s superb performance. Being hand-operated with a standard configuration provides ease of personal use for jobs around your farm. This machine includes hydraulic drive and hydraulic connections for its many attachments (which can be tool-free mounted or dismounted). The following attachments can be fitted to the Farmclean:

  • Manure scraper (1 metre wide 200 mm high),
  • Fodder blade (1.1m wide 400mm high),
  • And a collection bin for the sweeper.

SIMPLEX Sweeper 400 mm diameter broom


The SIMPLEX sweeper is engineered for small municipal tractors and ride-on or out front-mowers and provides the option for PTO-drive or hydraulic drive. It is lightweight and easily manoeuvrable so carrier vehicles with low lifting power can utilise it. This sweeper will also have a very long working life with its 100% PP full bristle brush, so you won’t need to worry about any hidden replacement costs anytime soon. 

ECO Sweeper Series 520mm broom 

Eco Euro Hitch Sweeper

With the ECO sweeper, you get the perfect blend of modern features and great versatility. Its variety of attachment systems allow this sweeper to be connected to a diverse range of carrier vehicles. In turn, this sweeper can be used on a multitude of surfaces, including grass and farmland, through to concrete. This medium-duty sweeper has a TUCHEL brush adjusting lever system (height adjustment via the rear wheels and height position via the pin lock) which makes for seamless brush adjustment. You can also sweep with or without a dirt collector as it’s easily removable. 

On a similar note to the SIMPLEX sweeper, this sweeper also has a guaranteed long service life. This is a direct result of its top-quality steel framing, supreme hydraulic components, branded wheels, and standard straight bristles brush (made up of either 750mm or 900mm sections).

PLUS Sweeper 560mm broom

Plus Sweeper with side brush

The PLUS Sweeper is a heavy-duty sweeper that’s ideal for big jobs. There are various requirements this machine can meet! Its various working widths mean you can attach it to almost anything including tractors, yard loaders, telehandlers, and forklifts. Essentially, with its multiple optional attachment systems, like collection bins, side brush, and water spraying systems. the PLUS can be mounted onto your carrier vehicle of choice every time. This sweeper has honeycomb profile brush sections (which prevent collection of debris with straight bristles, protecting the machine), and brand-name wheels so longevity in this machine is already a given.

There are many different types of sweepers out there and they all have different ideal applications. Whether you require a smaller-scale machine for general upkeep of your property, or whether you require a large, heavy-duty sweeper to clear agricultural or industrial grounds, a sweeper will lessen your workload. Using a sweeper will increase your cleaning efficiency and allow you to get back to even more pressing tasks. Our complete range of sweepers includes something for most applications and they’re ready for your next job. To learn more about them, simply click on the button below.

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