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All-terrain robotic slope mowers explained

Have you been waiting for the day when technology catches up just enough to take the tough work out of your hands? Well, you don’t need to wait any longer because that day has already arrived! With a range of applications and attachments, modern-day robotic slope mowers are here to ease your workload.

Don’t believe us? Well, we’re going to explain to you the purpose, benefits, and most impactful applications for a remote-controlled robotic sloper mower. With particular mention to McConnel’s Robocut, we will investigate the technology and accuracy of the unit while explaining the safety benefits and efficiencies of using this on tricky sites.

What is an all-terrain robotic slope mower?

An all-terrain robotic slope mower is precisely what it sounds like - a robotic mower that is controlled by a remote and can tackle any terrain, including hills! McConnel’s Robocut is designed specifically for handling the toughest of terrain with features like a low centre of gravity design, durable rubber tracks, and more that make it capable of climbing slopes of up to 55 degrees. All of this while enhancing the operator’s safety by extracting them from any immediate ‘danger zones’.

All-terrain remote-controlled robotic slope mowers, like the Robocut, have been observed to be up to
25 times more productive than manual cutting with the added benefit of removing operators from any dangerous, steep, or restricted-access zones.

Who is a robotic slope mower suitable for?

With all-terrain in its name, a robotic slope mower is suitable for just about anyone who wishes to reduce their manual labour and risks. Some are more suitable than others for more industrial/commercial applications (such as the Robocut) and some are designed for farm or rural grass maintenance. There’s a wide range of options available on the market so it’s crucial to take a deep dive into each machine's specs and features to figure out which will perform best for your desired application. Some slope mowers can only handle small slopes, whereas others like the Robocut are designed to tackle larger slopes and ensure operator safety.

Benefits of the Robocut robotic slope mower

All-terrain robotic slope mower

In addition to the obvious convenience and efficiency, there’s an array of benefits to be reaped from employing a robotic slope mower for your next job. We explore these benefits below.

Reduced labour

Of course, using a robotic slope mower means that you can let the robot do the hard yards for you. The operator merely uses the remote control to guide the machine while it works away. This significantly reduces labour on the operator's side - let the technology work for you and not the other way around! The design and cutting equipment means a single Robocut and operator can cut similar width tracks as a reach arm mower, but without the traffic interference or need for pilot/tail vehicles to warn motorists. The alternative to a reach mower is a team of hand-held weedeaters, the Robocut reduces this to a single person.

Increased operator safety

Safety is the Robocut’s first priority. It reduces a lot of risk by enabling the operator to stand back and work at a safe distance, far away from any of the potential hazards that come with working on steep and uneven sites. The Robocut is designed to deliver the utmost stability and control making it not only exceptionally safe but also simple to operate.

The efficiency of a robotic slope mower on tricky sites

When using the Robocut, one thing is certain - you can expect to see an increase in efficiency and productivity across the jobs it's utilised for. With a high-performance engine, excellent manoeuvrability, and the widest flailhead of its kind, the Robocut can attack most jobs that would typically have to be completed by hand. This significantly increases the speed of each job and allows the operator to use their time more efficiently. The Robocut works at speeds of up to 7kph both forwards and backward and it is up to 25 times faster than hand cutting. It also has a self-cleaning system that expels dirt from the radiator matrix and maximises performance. In turn, this also increases fuel efficiency.

Intelligent design

The Robocut has increased horsepower with models ranging from 28hp to 75hpm and can be fitted with flail heads up to 1.9m which gives the operator a significant output. It's designed with a low centre of gravity and flawless 50/50 weight distribution which is essential for the ultimate stability and performance across varied terrains. The caterpillar/tank tracks mean that cutting is possible even in conditions that manual teams would find impossible.

Remote control unit

The remote control unit has a high visibility digital display which offers insight to the operator in terms of the machine engine RPM, engine temperature, and signal strength. The operator gains a comprehensive view of how the machine is functioning while remaining in strong control. It also has a battery dock that stores and charges one of the two battery packs which enable fast and convenient change over in the field for reduced downtime.

GPS autosteer capability

The Robocut can also be fitted with GPS autosteering technology which enables it to automatically steer within 25mm accuracy along its cutting route. This brings massive efficiency and output benefits.

Ultimately, an all-terrain robotic slope mower is revolutionary in the realm of mowing technology. While they are suitable for a lot of jobs, it’s important to ensure the machine you get has the right specs and features to tackle your exact terrain. The Robocut is certainly a heavy-duty remote-controlled robotic slope mower and can be used on uneven and steep land. There are several benefits to be gained from using a machine like the Robocut such as increased operator safety, increased efficiency, reduced labour, and more. With a wide range of attachments and applications, why not discover if the Robocut could help to ease your workload? Simply contact our team today or click on the button below to download the Robocut brochure.

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