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The Bomford-Turner mower range explained

When you need a proven reach mower that you can trust, you needn’t look any further than the Bomford-Turner reach mower range. With a heritage of trust and quality performance, these machines may well be the answer to your working life problems! This tried and tested brand provides versatility, power, and stamina for a wide array of jobs. The high quality ensures optimum performance and the longest life of your equipment investment. Vegetation maintenance is a simple task when you enlist the help of a Bomford reach mower, their cutting-edge technology makes for hassle-free and efficient work. Bomford’s drive to lessen the workload of the agricultural workforce aligns with AgriQuip’s ethos and we couldn’t be happier to provide their reach mower range to our clients.

Aligning with Bomford’s mission of simplifying workloads, we’re serving up all of the information you could need about Bomford’s history, continual innovation, and specific reach mower range so everything you need to know is in front of you right now.

Bomford’s history of success

In the early 1800s (yes, Bomford’s history goes that far back!), the Bomford family saw an opportunity to diversify from farming into contracting. This occurred when road-building was developed after the Neapolitan Wars. Shortly after, the Bomford family developed steam-driven machines to make this work more efficient and less labour intensive for workers. These machines were met so widely with appreciation that not long afterwards the Bomford company name was registered in 1904.

This set the tone and mission for Bomford - to ease the working lives of those in the agricultural industry. What has always been a very labour intensive environment would begin to get supplemented by efficient machinery by the likes of Bomford. By the time the late ’40s swung around, Bomford conceptualised and produced the first Arm Mowers. Fast forward to today there are over 200 years of collective experience within the Bomford company which is evident in their modern designs and innovative agricultural technology solutions.

From steam-driven machines to powerful, high-tech reach mowers, Bomford’s hunger for improvement and innovation goes unmatched. Continually pushing technological boundaries to ease the daily loads of agricultural workers has ensured Bomford is one of the most world-renowned and esteemed brands in the industry today.

How does Bomford-Turner’s equipment maintain a competitive edge?

Conceptualising and producing the highest quality and most functional agricultural machinery of its kind, Bomford’s history of success and pushing the boundaries continues to this day. By constantly staying in front of technological innovations, Bomford’s reputation for global market-leading performance stands strong. In an industry packed with tough competition (the market is predicted to reach a whopping $470.5 million by 2025), Bomford consistently delivers machinery that out-performs its competitors’ and fulfils its mission of lessening and reshaping its customers’ workloads. Innovation and value are at the heart of Bomford’s products while ensuring customers receive a fair price. This maintains Bomford’s position at the top of the market and as the first choice for today’s agricultural workers.

AgriQuip’s range of Bomford reach mowers

Delivering on the highest standards of quality, Bomford’s reach mower range is 100% designed, built, and tested on-site. This means everything is very closely monitored each step of the way. Their widely passionate team of specialists ensures rigidity and longevity in each machine through design and powder-coating them as a finishing touch. Ensuring the longest possible working life of the machines results in lower overall operating costs for customers and better value for their machinery investment.

Bomford’s dedication to producing high-quality and world-leading products is precisely why we’re a Bomford supplier. Offering these products means the AgriQuip team has absolute confidence that our valued customers are receiving the best machines on the market and are making a wise equipment investment. Discover our range of Bomford reach mowers below!

Raven47Bomford Raven47 reach mower

For such a compact machine, the Raven47 provides an outstanding performance. This machine is perfect for smaller agricultural, landscaping, horticultural, and/or amenity applications. It’s a rear-mounted arm mower with a truly rugged design and it’s ready to tackle your small-scale jobs.

Falcon Evo RangeBomford Falcon Evo reach mower

With heavy-duty linkage and a 125L/min independent system, the Falcon Evo range is the pick of the crop for large-scale contractors. It has a wide range of controls as well as high specification options. To best suit your specific jobs there’s a choice from a reach of up to 5.5m or 6m and a 1.2m or 1.5m cutting head. This machine is designed to deliver both specificity and power.

Ultimately, Bomford’s proven history of innovation and its continual improvement lessens the workload of today’s agricultural workforce and there’s no better brand to have on offer to our clients! Our partnership with Bomford eliminates lengthy international shipping times and makes receiving one of these top-notch machines efficient and hassle-free. With stock on board and rearing to go, wait times are minimal and you can see exactly what you’re wishing to purchase at our warehouse in New Plymouth.

If you’re eager to learn more about what a Bomford reach mower can achieve for you, feel free to talk to our friendly team of experts today. Or to dive deeper into the incredible features and specs of these reach mowers, simply download the Bomford products brochure below!

Download the Bomford brochure
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