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McConnel tractor-driven mower

Bomford and McConnel have become popular household names among agricultural workers globally. Now, this isn’t because they’re all the world has to offer; in fact, the market for mounted power arms and reach mowers is incredibly competitive. Market Watch has predicted that the market will increase from its $381.9 million worth in 2019 to a staggering $470.5 million by 2025. Therefore, with such a large market, filled with thousands of competitors, Bomford and McConnel had to put in some serious ground work to get where they are today. 

Both brands align with AgriQuip’s high standard for quality engineering, design, and innovation so we’re fortunate enough to have partnerships with both Bomford and McConnel. In this blog, we thought we'd explain to you exactly why they gain the title of the hardest working mowers available in New Zealand

A rich history of innovation


A very humble beginning saw members of the Bomford family, who were originally farmers, diversify into contracting after the development of road-building after the Neapolitan Wars. Following this, they developed steam-driven machines to assist with the work. Shortly after, in 1904, the Bomford company name was registered. 

Even from these early days, Bomford was determined to ease the lives of agricultural workers, supplementing labour with machine work. In the late 40’s, they conceptualised and created the first Arm Mowers. Now, their design team collectively has over 200 years of experience in their field and consistently delivers modern, innovative solutions to ease today’s workload.

They’ve taken a huge leap from steam-driven machines to NZ’s best tractor-driven mowers, but it is their constant development and innovation that matches the jobs of today that has seen Bomford become a reputable and widely-used brand.


Much like Bomford, McConnel was conceived by a farmer who saw a need to revolutionise the industry and boost efficiency. Freddie McConnel had a knack for developing machinery concepts, starting with the rotary engine in 1928.

Continuing his tradition of innovation, he later patented a fruit canning machine and a prototype hop picker in 1934. When 1935 came around, FW McConnel (now McConnel Ltd) was created to expand and make his ideas commercially viable. He went on to win a contract to supply trailers to the army during World War 2.

As society progressed, so did McConnel. Just about every two years since the birth of the company, they have released a new and exciting machine to level up the agricultural industry. From the first Swingtrim in the late 80’s, to the Flex-wing rotary mower in 1991, to their remote-controlled range in 2011, McConnel knows how to keep delivering value to its customers.

Continual improvement and innovation


With a mission to design and deliver the best machinery of its type in the world, Bomford continues its history of innovation today. Bomford has solidified its reputation for industry-leading performance across the world by staying ahead of the market. That means producing products that out-perform that of their most challenging competitors. The organisation constantly improves to provide the most value to its customers at a fair price. Bomford’s years of expertise and excellent customer service does not go unnoticed. 


It’s safe to say that McConnel has continually improved their products while bringing new technology to the agricultural market. Paving the way for the industry, McConnel has provided various machines to support and lighten the workload for farmers, contractors, local councils, and more. For example, from their first fruit graders in 1935, to their more recent innovations such as the variable reach mower arm and the Shakerator deep soil conditioner, every facet of the industry has been assisted by McConnel in some way, shape, or form.

Why they’re simply the best


Bomford’s products are the highest quality due to the fact that their machinery range is conceptualised, designed, built, and tested on-site. Everything is monitored, from start to finish, by their team of dedicated experts. Every single Bomford manufactured machine is powder coated to guarantee the utmost durability and strength of the exterior finish. This level of strength matches the interior rigidity of the machines so they have the longest possible life. This, in turn, lowers the overall operating cost for buyers.

You simply cannot beat quality like Bomford provides - which is exactly why we love being a Bomford supplier. This way, we at AgriQuip are certain that our customers are getting the best products. See our range of Bomford tractor-driven mowers below.


Bomford's Raven47 arm mower

The Raven47 is a rear-mounted arm mower with a rugged design. It provides stand-out performance for such a compact machine so it’s ideal if you’re a smaller agricultural, horticultural, landscape, and/or amenity worker.

Falcon Evo Range

Bomford's Falcon Evo arm mower

The Falcon Evo range has high specification options and a range of controls, making it the first choice for large-scale contractors. You can choose from a reach of up to 5.5m or 6m as well as a 1.2m or 1.5m cutting head. This machine has heavy-duty linkage and a 125L/min independent system!


Today McConnel is a multi-award-winning company and is highly regarded in the industry. Over the years of product development, they now offer the most comprehensive range of Power Arms, rotary and flail mowers, and cultivation machinery in the business. Being mostly designed, built, and tested in-house, McConnel is a British success story. Their machines are working in over 40 different countries which is a true testament to the quality of their products.

With such widely recognised success, McConnel’s range is always a popular choice. As a supplier of McConnel, we can ensure our customers get these trusted, quality, and globally-backed products without delays. See our range of McConnel tractor-driven mowers below.


McConnel's Swingtrim power arm

The Swingtrim has been created for contractors and local government teams working in the amenities, landscape, and ground-care sectors. It’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, and has a reach of up to 3.5m. Also, its innovative swing-over action gives you the freedom to cut on either side of the tractor.


McConnel's 30 series power arm

This machine is the perfect blend of lightweight, fuel efficiency, maneuverability, and precision. McConnel’s 30-series Power Arm is designed for landscape, amenities, and ground-care work and thrives in confined areas, parks, and public grounds. With a choice of reach (from 3.4m to 4.3m) and 30 HP hydraulics, this machine can be fitted to various utility vehicles and compact tractors.


McConnel's 60 series power arm

The McConnel 60-series reach mower is tough and durable. It was designed for large-scale farmers, contractors, and local government green maintenance teams. While offering prices seen on mid-range machines, the 60-series provides access to McConnel's award-winning Easy Drive System and Revolution controls.


McConnel 85 series power arm

McConnel's 85-series reach mower/hedgecutter is setting new standards for productivity, reliability, and versatility. Offering reach options from 6m to 8m and peak-performance 85 HP hydraulics, the 85-series offers the most advanced feature set on the market. For professionals looking for a power tool, this is everything you could ever need!

We are elated to have partnerships with both Bomford and McConnel. Their rich histories of success and innovation inspire the agricultural work of today. Our partnership means that you don’t have to wait around for international shipping times to get your hands on one of these amazing machines. We have stock ready to go, so wait times are next to none and you can see what you’re buying at our New Plymouth warehouse! 

If you’d like to chat with one of our team members about how a Bomford or McConnel mower can ease your workload and increase your efficiency, please contact us. Otherwise, feel free to check out our resources page to download a product brochure and learn more about the specs and features of these award-winning products.

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