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Spearhead Machinery has the equipment to lighten your workload, whether you require the versatility provided by a reach mower or the grunt provided by a rotary mower. Using a tried and tested brand like Spearhead means you know you’re getting quality machinery that will have a long lifespan. Vegetation maintenance doesn’t have to be a chore when you’re using cutting-edge agricultural equipment. Spearhead has been listening to what their customers need for just over two decades and their reach mowers and rotary mowers truly solve the everyday issues agricultural workers face. Customers have asked for easy-to-use, long-serving tools that are workhorses that can be relied upon, and that’s exactly what Spearhead delivers.

In line with simplifying workloads, we’re outlining the Spearhead range as well as their key applications so you’ve got the information you need at a glance. Look no further than the Spearhead range if you’re after quality, strength, flexibility, and power!

AgriQuip’s Spearhead Range

TWIGA Classic | Reach Mower

Twiga classic reach mowerSpearhead's TWIGA Classic has an intentionally stripped-back look to offer the best value on the reach mowers market. It satisfies a wide range of applications as it’s designed for all farmers, contractors, and local authorities. While it may seem like the more basic option in the TWIGA series, it boasts the same rigid and advanced technology as the larger models. This provides you with long-term output and durability.

Much like the other models in this range, the TWIGA Classic has a fully independent hydraulic system to ensure the optimal flow of oil to arm control functions and the flail head drive motor. Not only is this machine powerful, but it’s also very safe with a hydraulic break-out ram.

TWIGA Mid | Reach Mower

Twiga mid reach mower

The best-selling TWIGA Mid series reach mower offers reliability and durability. Being the next size up in the TWIGA series, it’s designed for large-scale farmers, contractors, and local authorities. Spearhead’s most advanced control system is its biggest asset, proven in many conditions across the world and incorporated in this machine.

The TWIGA Mid also has a fully independent hydraulic system (66 HP!) which meets the demand of cutting professionals. Safety protection is also delivered with a hydraulic break-out ram.

TWIGA Pro | Reach Mower

Twiga Pro 700T reach mower

The TWIGA Pro is a machine for heavy-duty professionals. It’s designed to dominate the toughest cutting jobs. One word to describe this machine is robust. It’s a high-spec reach mower for specialists. No functionality or design feature has been overlooked as this machine embodies the most advanced performance, reliability, and ease of operation in the industry! Safety protection is also offered with its hydraulic break-out ram.

TWIGA SPV 2 | Self-Propelled Reach Mower

TWIGA SPV 2 self-propelled reach mower

The TWIGA SPV 2 is the reach mower professionals dream about. With a diverse range of professional applications, this machine offers supreme versatility and highly distinctive quality. When we say a diverse range of applications, we mean it! The TWIGA SPV 2 has seven different arm sets, various attachments, optional horse powers, and selectable steering configurations. It’s safe to say there’s no demand this reach mower can’t deliver on.

TWIGA SPV 3 | Self-Propelled Reach Mower

TWIGA SPV3 self-propelled reach mower

Similarly, the TWIGA SPV 3 is designed for highly professional landscape maintenance operators. The unique perk of this reach mower is its 360-degree rotation which enables its operator to cut in every and any position. It offers a choice of either a 9.5m standard or a 17m triple telescopic arm set, making it the premium machine for green maintenance jobs.

MULTICUT 460 | Rotary Mower

Multicut460 rotary mower

There is no rotary mower like this on the market, the MULTICUT 460 employs cutting-edge technology that is known to exceed expectations. The thickest, heaviest growth doesn’t stand a chance against the MULTICUT 460 with three HD3 rotors. They each have a high lift blade design to provide intense suction and a very fine mulch. When this machine is used, a clean cut is always the end result for the large-scale farmer or contractor. 

MULTICUT 620 | Rotary Mower

Multicut620 rotary mower

Reaching even wider, the MULTICUT 620 enables up to 6.2m of cutting width. This gives it an insurmountable spread and fine mulch action that would typically be seen from a flail mower. If you’re a professional, large-scale farmer, or an airport or municipal operations worker, this rotary mower will increase your efficiency ten-fold. Its massive cutting width facilitates a cutting rate of 6 hectares per hour! The five rotors give exceptional cutting power, durability, and speed. The power is distributed evenly with a size gearbox driveline (each with slip clutch protection) which only adds to this machine's reliability.

Looking at a few of the key features of Spearhead’s incredible equipment, it’s clear that there is a machine to ease your grounds maintenance workload. This market-leading technology is unmatched by competitors which is why Spearhead is such a world-renowned name. Since 1988, Spearhead has designed and produced an extensive range of equipment to ensure the efficiency and productivity of large-scale mowing and mulching for workers globally. As a result of their many years within the agricultural equipment field, Spearhead’s products increase performance and deliver a better job, every time.

If your workload is heavy and you could use a reach mower and/or rotary mower to increase your efficiency, get in touch with the team at AgriQuip. We can help you to find a tough machine that won’t let you down. Or to learn more about Spearhead’s powerful MULTICUT rotary mowers, simply click on the image below to download the brochure.

Download the Spearhead brochure here

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