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Choosing the perfect fertiliser spreader

Fertilising your land is the most convenient and practical way to ensure the health and longevity of your grounds while reducing any weed growth. For farmers, it encourages crop growth while groundskeepers at golf courses, sports fields, and more can encourage luscious growth through a timely and effective application. Spreading fertiliser may not be a highly complex job, but a little effort goes a long way. Employing a fertiliser spreader for this job often amounts to efficiency and a lot of time-saving for the busy farmer or groundskeeper of today. 

There’s an extensive array of different spreaders on the market and the choices can be overwhelming. That’s why in this blog we’ll offer advice on choosing the right fertiliser spreader for the job. From application to maintenance and storage we'll cover as many avenues as possible while offering insightful tips so your spreader-related decisions are well-informed.

Fertiliser spreader considerations

Spreaders are extremely handy tools that help you apply granular fertiliser to your field, course, yard, or farm. While the core purpose of a spreader is always the same, this does not mean that simply any spreader will be the best fit for your specific land and needs. There are a few factors to take into consideration when selecting your perfect spreader. A great place to start is to understand the size and shape of the area to be managed. Every spreader has a different spread width and range meaning that it’s imperative to select a model that aligns with your grounds. Odds are that the bigger your land is, the bigger the fertiliser spreader you’ll require. In saying this, considering the physical size of the spreader is another important factor, as well as the vehicle used to assist in fertiliser delivery. This is especially true since the larger models can take up a considerable amount of storage space and may require additional attachments. Essentially, if your storage space or shed has a limited capacity, you may need to contemplate purchasing a smaller unit that needs to be refilled more often as you go but will still fit in your storage space, rather than a larger model that you cannot practically store or transport.

With this in mind, below is a breakdown of a few different types of fertiliser spreaders and their common applications so you can find the best fit for your jobs.

Which fertiliser spreader is right for your job?

Fertiliser spreader in action NZ

Single disc spreaders

A single disc spreader is ideal for smaller applications including the likes of lifestyle blocks, small farms, or gardens. They are an effective and economical solution to spreading pilled, granular, or powdered fertilisers. The best way to use a single disc spreader is to fertilise the perimeter of the land first and then manoeuvre across the rest of the grounds in a pattern that ensures the fertilisation levels are even across the land. Our SP series and SR/S series single disc spreaders are simple to use, as well as being an incredibly cost-effective spreading option. Learn more about their specifications by visiting our spreaders page.

Twin disc spreaders

Since most of AgriQuip’s customers are looking for a combination of precision, quality, and wide spread, we have the optimal solution. Twin disc spreaders are suitable for spreading large quantities of fertiliser over a large area with a minimal number of passes. If you have large grounds but also need precision our SR/DD series and Tornado spreaders could be exactly what you need. The Tornado, in particular, can spread very accurately up to 36 meters! Learn more about their specifications by visiting our spreaders page.

Pendulum spreaders

Otherwise known as oscillating or spout spreaders, the pendulum spreader has no rotating disc. It slings the fertiliser out of a plastic tube that oscillates from side to side out the back of the spreader in a horizontal plane. This type of spreader can achieve a very accurate spread compared to a rotary disc spreader as a rotary spreader tends to skew the pattern to one side or the other whereas the pendulum spreader delivers a balanced pattern from side to side with minimal skewing. The ability to also remove the deflector off the end of the spout and be able to apply bands of fertiliser to each side make these spreaders ideal for orchards or row crops. Our SQTF spreader is a pendulum spreader and is available in 4 different sizes, from 400 litres up to 1000L.

Many components of the workings of AgriQuip spreaders are stainless steel and galvanised steel frames, and most of the hoppers are made out of polyethylene which is unique to our range. Combined, these components make for incredibly durable and strong machines that will last the test of time.

Fertiliser spreader general maintenance

Once you’ve selected your perfect fertiliser spreader, it’s critical that you maintain it. There are a few actions you can take for the general maintenance and upkeep of your spreader to ensure its longevity. It’s important to understand the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance and carry this out as required. An inevitable aspect of owning any machinery is that parts are prone to a little wear and tear - so long as you stay on top of this your spreader will stay in great shape. The hopper base, spinner disc, drive system, and apertures need a little extra observation than the other components as if they become compromised it can significantly reduce the quality of spread. On top of this, ensuring you regularly clean your spreader around these components will both extend the life of the machine while also keeping its setting accurate.

Since fertilising plays an instrumental role in ensuring the health and longevity of your produce or grounds there’s no denying the efficiency and practicality that employing a fertiliser spreader brings for this necessary job. We can help you select the perfect fertiliser spreader for your specific needs, so contact our expert team today, or discover our range of top-quality fertiliser spreaders that are ready to get to work for you by downloading our brochure.

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